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Blockchain is a data forgery prevention technology based on distributed computing technology that can be stored in a chain-like linkage-based distributed data storage environment and can not be arbitrarily modified by anyone and can be viewed by anyone.

It has a structure that can implement various application services based on a distributed network infrastructure that utilizes security technologies such as hash, digital signature, and encryption.
A distributed book is a list of encrypted and unchangeable transaction records that are shared with everyone in the network. Anyone with access rights can view the transaction at any time, including public books that do not require permission, licensed individual books, Distributed books composed of books are problematic in the transmission and formation of unregulated funds.

The Blockchain is a distributed book in which value exchange transactions such as Bitcoin and other tokens are classified into sequential block units. Each block is linked to existing blocks and is recorded continuously through a peer-to-peer network based on a cryptographic mechanism. This Blockchain and decentralized book is a fusion of technology and process that encompasses middleware, database, security, analysis / AI, finance and so on. It implements the industrial operation model and controls not to delete important data such as financial transactions and property transactions. And provides a block-chain service that has the potential to change the management model of the industry.